Sunday, June 15

Father's Day

Today we celebrate our dads (Bob & Larry) and Ryan!
I always knew Ryan would be a good dad--it has been so fun seeing how close Ainsley is to her daddy.
They love to have fun together and he is her greatest protector!  
Ainsley loves her Papa Bob--he makes her laugh and is always looking out for her.
Ainsley recently got special dominoes to play with her Papa Bob when he visits!
Ainsley also loves her Papa Larry.  They have a lot of fun together and he would give the world for his sweet girl!
We are so thankful for our dads this fathers day!!

I have Larry & Dad's presents all ready (and L & L's anniversary gift) for when they come visit in July!  This was proof for my dad who reminded me yesterday that my sister's gift for him arrived promptly in the mail yesterday :)!  Happy Father's Day!

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