Wednesday, June 18

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Ainsley had an ENT appointment yesterday afternoon. She isn't too fond of getting her ears checked so I promised her ice cream after.....we were at the doctor for 2.5 hours!! So we had to make a run to the vending machine because A was SO hungry! She ate a whole bag of Doritos!

We waited an hour in the room before the doctor saw us so we had to keep ourselves entertained!

By the time we got on the road to go home it was 5:40pm, but Ains didn't forget about my ice cream promise so we stopped by DQ for a mini blizzard :)!
Well that was a little messy so Ains splashed in the fountain when we got home!
Even though we had to wait a long time to see the dr and he told me at the very end of the visit he normally doesn't see a lot of Peds hearing loss kids he did get to the bottom of her ear bleeding-some crystallization around her ear tubes. So we started new drops and will be on the lookout for a new ENT who has experience with kids with hearing loss.
All in all a fun day! That was not a wordless post, but it is Wednesday ;)!

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