Friday, May 2

Thank you Shimek Pre-K!

Ainsley's pre-K teacher Miss Sara & Miss Cathy & Alyssa have been such a blessing to our family this year.  We worried SO much about sending Ainsley on a BIG school bus every afternoon with no nap.  Knowing they were there to greet her everyday on the other end of the bus made us feel at ease.  Ainsley's last day at Shimek Elementary was on Wednesday.  They made her a special video--this picture was taken the first time Ainsley watched the video!
She loved seeing her friends and teachers in the video!  It is such a comforting feeling as a parent to know that others love your kids and care for them as their own. Miss Sara & Miss Kim (her wonderful Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher) prepared a 50 page document for her new school with her IEP, recommendations, etc.  We are SO thankful for the care they have given Ainsley this year and how they helped to prepare a smooth transition to a new school in TX.
They gave Ainsley this book and all of her teachers wrote special messages to her.  What a special, special gift!

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