Saturday, May 17

Friday Fun

Friday we did some errands-we started with getting new Baylor IDs!
Rode an elevator that Ains thought was a ride!

Stopped by Ainsley's new school to pick up paperwork. We are loving her new school. She is going to have a few drop ins in late May and start full time in June. She didn't want to leave...and she already made a new friend! There are two full time teachers in each room which is great for consistency!
We visited the bear sanctuary on campus!
This is right outside of the bookstore!!
Walks on campus!

We are still in love with our Hawkeyes but we've started incorporating some Baylor gear!
However, Ains shouted "Go Hawks" with out prompting during dinner!
She keeps us laughing!

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Angie said...

Fun!! I'm glad you had a successful first few days in Texas.
I miss you :(