Friday, February 7

Mayo-day 2

We bundled up this morning and headed to the hospital.
Ainsley thankfully doesn't mind going to the doctor.
We first met with a neuromuscular doctor-she listened to all of our concerns and did a full eval.

Next we went to see the genetic doctor.  There was some questions about the genetic test at our home hospital so they are going to call our doctors in Iowa this week to get some clarification.
The genetic doctor said he still had Ainsley's picture that I sent him as a thank you this summer on his desk. He assured us that we were not alone in figuring out the mixed results we have received recently.  The two genetic docs we met with recommend we all get a CK blood test and for Ains to do one more genetic test.
We did some paperwork and Ainsley did some dancing in the lobby!
We then got some lunch and went up to get lab work done.

Ains went first, then me and Ryan. Ainsley said she was going to hold our hands and help us-to each their own!! After her blood test she said "all done" and she told us to get ours done-no sympathy from her-ha!
We received the results of our CK tests late this afternoon-Ryan and I were normal and A is still slightly elevated. We should hear back from the Mayo doc this week after she talks with our Iowa doctors. The genetic test results will arrive in 4-6 weeks. We are thankful for some clarification and we hope to get caught up on rest and work this weekend!

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Honey Oolong 蜂蜜烏龍 said...

Prayers and love your way -- please do get some rest!