Thursday, January 23

Hope in the midst of darkness

Since 2004 we have had the honor of sponsoring a sweet girl in Haiti through Compassion International.  
When we started sponsoring her she was four.  This December she turned 14!
Her name is Germita.  
Germita & I write to each other 2-3 times a year.  Compassion International recommends that you write to your sponsor child frequently to provide "hope in the midst of darkness".
Germita tells me about her family and always asks me to pray that she would be smart and do well in school.  At times I feel a desperation in her desire to learn and do well in school.  For many years she would write about her struggles in school...she doesn't seem to have confidence in her academic ability.
My prayer for Germita over the years has been for her protection, health and that she would know her worth as a beautiful child of God.
I have told her for many years that she is smart, beautiful and capable.
Ever since she became a teenager I told her that we wanted to continue to support her if she wanted to go to college.  Through Compassion International you can support a student through college in their home country for a minimal monthly payment.  
Germita never wrote to me about college...but I kept mentioning it while encouraging her with scriptures and letting her know that she can do it!
February will celebrate our 10 year anniversary of knowing Germita and we got a letter from her this week.
She told me that she is now in grade 9 and that she wants to be a nurse!  She went on to say that "the question of university (college) is the object of my thoughts.  I believe that God will make my dreams come true."  I wrote back to her right away and told her how proud I was of her.  I also shared that Ryan and I work at a college and help students be successful so we will be with her every step of the way.  
This summer we started sponsoring a boy who is also from Haiti (through World Wide Village) and he is in 2nd grade now--so I think the planning for college will work out perfect with our Ainsley being a few years away from heading off to college!  Germita normally signs her name at the end of her letters.  This time she signed the letter "your beloved daughter".  

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