Friday, January 10

Disney Day 7: Goodbye & Tips!

We are so sad to say goodbye, but so thankful for the fun memories we had this week!  Angie and Avs left for the airport around 9 am and we left at 11 am.

My sweet girl got dressed today and wheeled her stroller to the door and said "lets go to Disney"! She's going to miss this place!
I'm going to miss these views and the warm weather!

TIPS (this is mainly for me if we visit again)! Find the Baby Care Center-this was SO helpful since Ains is still in pull-ups! Do a couple of character meals-Cinderella and Chef Mickeys was our favorite! Take naps to recharge-well worth the travel time back to the hotel! It's okay not to see it all, enjoy what you see! Extra magic hours ARE magical! We got to ride a ton of rides with no lines! Take some time to relax-my sister and I took an hour one night and hung out in the hammock by the pool! Disney is not all fun and is WORK with little ones! So...take lots of breaks and rest when you can! Have fun-it goes by quick!

On our flight home Ryan fell asleep, so Ainsley put some stickers on him!
On to games!
We made it back to Iowa!
Ains was puzzled by the chair in the bathroom so she tried it out and couldn't stop giggling!
We got in the car and Ainsley kept yelling "let's go to Disney"! It may be a long night!

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