Thursday, January 9

Disney Day 6: Magic Kingdom

Thursday morning we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for our final day at Disney!
There was an extra magic hour at 8 am so we headed out early and rode a ton of rides!

One of Ainsley's favorite rides was a roller coaster-The Barnstormer! 

The baby care center is a lifesaver at Disney! We dropped by here many times!
We had lunch at the perfect place Thursday-great food and great view!

We went back to the hotel for a nap and then back to Disney for a night of fun!!

Ainsley's favorite-she calls it the "happy people ride".

I am going to miss these two! And so will Ainsley. When they weren't around us this week she always wanted to know where they were!

I love all of the special memories we will have from this trip!

Including riding in a space ship above the park with my sister! We were screaming our heads off and Ains and Ava loved it! We are lightweights when it comes to rides!

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