Monday, January 13

13 Years

Ryan and I were married 13 years ago today in Clinton, IL!  We were both SO young--just fresh out of college.  We got married and moved to Texas where Ryan was serving as a missionary in Mexico at the time.  

In college, I fell in love with Ryan's heart for The Lord and his care for others. Before we started dating I wanted to make sure he would be marriage material!  So we were friends for three years and then started dating during our senior year in college!
He is a loving dad who would give his life for our sweet girl. He has said many times that he wishes he could bare her medical concerns, and I believe he would in a heartbeat.
He is kind, caring and approaches life very differently than me (which is a good balance)! Our marriage has had some unexpected joys and sorrows but I could not imagine living life with anyone other than Ryan! 
He makes us laugh and knows how to fix just about anything! I love you Ryan's to many more fun years and the next adventure!

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Darci said...

aw happy anniversary to you guys! here's to much happiness & blessings for your 14th year :)