Monday, December 16

Favorite Things

Ainsley loves this warm hat...and Costco pizza!
I'm a fan of this warm sweater and warm scarf!
Another favorite-ice cream!
And her daddy !
Saturday night Ainsley went to a birthday party of a friend!
She had fun!

After the party we went out to dinner!

Sunday night I went to a favorite things party-so fun!!
Bright and early this morning we went to Ainsley's developmental doctor's apt. She said all looked well-she could tell the weakness under her arms but assured us to sit tight and wait for the results. 
Ainsley's PT! 
Such a big girl! She wanted to do her BP all by herself!
Tonight we went to the nursing home with our faith family to sing Christmas carols! It was a lot of fun!
Mary and Joe from our group brought their therapy dog-everyone loved him!

Then we all went out for ice cream!  A fun start to the week!


Angie said...

cute! I love the pictures! Looks like you all are staying busy. Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!

Darci said...

Love the look on her face in the first pic! Hope you guys have a Merry Christams!