Thursday, December 29

Fun in IL

Christmas night we drove to my dad's house for dinner-Ains worked out while we cleaned up after dinner :)!
Present time!
One of the best presents of all...learning we were going to Disney as a family in March!!
Lunch with dad and Vicki at Monicals!
Two dressings for Ains!
I showed Ains a picture of the Australian Christmas tree that had a snake in it! She panicked thinking all trees had these snakes. My dad had to show her how far Australia is from Illinois! 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We always celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember my mom at Christmas. December 25th was her birthday-I bet she's having a great celebration in heaven!
Ains got her Christmas wish-to go sledding!
There wasn't a ton of snow-but it worked!

Grammie having fun with the girls!
Present time!
Linda made this beautiful birthday cake for Ainsley-she LOVED it!
Ains setting the table at her great grandma Dorris's home.
Sunday evening we drove to my dad's home to celebrate-Ains "worked out" a bit tonight!
Present time! 
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23


I found these pictures on Ryan's phone-A was taking pictures of herself during the drive!

We bought a sled on the way to IL!
We finally arrived in IL at 7 pm! These sweet cousins giggled for most of the night-they were so happy to see each other!

Thursday, December 22

On the road!

Our neighbors who are keeping an eye on our house while we are traveling stopped by to see us Wednesday-they joked that we needed a bigger car...thankfully it all fit, barely!
Wednesday was A's last day of school-it was jammie day!!
We have a 14 hour drive to IL-so we got as far as we could and then stopped for the night. 
This girl misses Steak n Shake! In Iowa we would go a couple of times a month.
Muskogee, OK! Ains loved the hotel room! 
Tired parents after a long day of travel!
We made crowns in the car!
Lambert' cafe! 
Ains missed the roll-it hit her in the head, thankfully they are soft.
Ains has been a good traveler today! Lots of movies and games in the car!

Wednesday, December 21

Santa visited!

I have been a horrible blogger lately! My old app for updating my blog wasn't working and I switched to a new one that I'm not so fast at creating posts..I'll keep at it!
Ainsley's vocab is incredible these days! Today she told me I was being melodramatic...I had to laugh because she used it in the right setting. I was telling her no more sugar for the day!
Ains had a bad dream one night this week. I was getting ready for the day and was about to wake up A and R and found them like this-ha!
We dressed up one night this week!
My little helper-Ains loves making eggs!
We had a fun Christmas party with our life group from church!
The kids had so much fun together! 
The kids had lots to keep them busy-while the adults caught up on life!
So thankful for sweet friends!
Ains left these goodies for Santa! Things he can eat on the go ;)! He visited us a bit early this year since we are traveling on Christmas Day!