Sunday, September 20

A day with Ainsley

I had a special day with Ains today! Ryan got extremely sick last night-it was so bad at 1 am I packed a bag for Ains and got everything ready to take Ryan to the ER. I thought he was going to pass out from dehydration. Thankfully he was able to get to sleep and not be sick after 2 am. Needless to say Ains and I gave Ryan some space today to rest and feel we spend the day doing errands and shopping!
Walmart has The Pioneer Woman kitchen items!!! I just love these bowls!
Can't wait to use them!
The local firefighters were having a fundraiser today so Ains and I stopped by for a bit!
It was at a school so we played for a bit!

I enjoyed the shade while Ains played it was HOT here today!

We split some nachos for lunch!

We stopped by Office Max to drop off some shredding and Ains did some drawings!
We then went to the party supply store to get some goodie bags for her party!
Ains loved all of the hats!
We went home to rest for a bit and then Ains picked dinner! Newk's! We split a Greek salad and pizza. 
Final stop Jo Anne Fabrics-I had a return to make and I found a cute fall wreath for 50% off! Ryan is feeling better thankfully it hasn't eaten all day! Hopefully he is on the mend!

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