Wednesday, July 23

You are doing a great job moms!!

When did parenthood get so complicated and full of doubt?  I’ve been wondering this over the past week as I gear up for another school year and have a million “to dos” in my head to get done before fall begins. I often question myself and think…
Am I doing this right?   Is Ains having too much sugar?  Did I let her stay up too late?  Watch too many Mickey Mouse clubhouses?  Did she say thank you in an appropriate way when she got that recent gift?  She is really loud in loud settings—are her hearing aids programmed right?  She mentioned someone was mean to her at school this morning—did I give her the right advice to stand up for herself and be kind at the same time?  
Friends, I could go on with the internal dialogue that I have in my head as a parent and I’m sure that many parents feel the same way.  As I was planning a dinner out with two other moms today via facebook chat for this weekend we all were trying to decide what time to meet for dinner.  Do we go to a late dinner so we can be with our families for dinner at home or do we meet earlier and leave our families during precious bath/bed time stories?   I struggled with wanting to be with Ainsley but also craving some good conversation and chips/dip with friends!  We are all trying to constantly balance being pulled in a million different directions. 

So how do I fix this?   Well most of the time a fret and worry about being a good enough mom for Ains.  I’m realizing that isn’t good for anyone so now I say to myself “you are doing a good job—Ainsley is loved and well cared for”.  Several thanksgivings ago my family met in the St. Louis area for the holiday and got a hotel suite for all of us.  My sister and I got away from some chips and queso one night at Chilis after the kids were asleep and during our conversation she said “you’re a really good mom”.  It made me tear up then and as I type this now it brings tears to my eyes because it was the best compliment that anyone could have given me.  
So I encourage you today if you are a mom to tell yourself “I’m doing a good job” and doing the best that I can at this moment.  For all of you who see a mom today or if you talk/text one tell them they are doing a GREAT job!  It will encourage her and hopefully she can pause to realize she IS a good mom, take a deep breath and jump right back into loving her kids!   
Ainsley will only be home for 14 more years--so I'm going to try to enjoy life more with her and stress less!
A picture from the top of the ALACO building in Waco, TX.  Ainsley's school had a field trip there today!
And while we’re at it—lets tell the dads that they are doing a good job too, I’m sure they could use some encouragement too!  This picture was taken this morning bright and early after a very LONG night.  Ainsley finally fell asleep at 10:30 pm on Tuesday evening .   She would NOT fall asleep despite all of our attempts with soft music, books, etc.  We realized in the morning that maybe we shouldn’t have given her ice cream cake for desert after dinner or maybe we shouldn’t stress about it too much!!

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Angie said...

Shelby-you are a great mom to Ainsley!! I am always so amazed when I see you two together. Ryan is SO good with her too. She is a luck little girl!! Mom would be so proud of you. xoxoxo