Sunday, November 13

The past week

I had an early morning flight back to Texas last Saturday! I was SO thankful to spend a couple of days with my sister and her family during their very special tree time!
These two! So proud of the young man and sweet girl they are!!
One last tree picture before I headed back to Texas!!

Ryan and Ains picked me up in Dallas and we went to our favorite place to eat before driving back to Waco! I was so happy to see them!!
Ains and I went shopping before church and found these beautiful flowers to remember Veterans Day this week and America...I've been having lots of conversations this week with students.  Some are afraid, scared and extremely nervous about the direction of our country. I am too. I'll keep praying and processing with people and hope for peace and speak up when I see areas of concern.
We decorated Ainsley's "house" with some lights!
Ainsley had her first youth group activity at church last Sunday!! She is growing up!!
I have found Ains sleeping in the most funny places-on her unicorn...with Pom Pom bracelets that she didn't have when I put her to bed...
Election Day outfit!
Art work!
 So excited for Angie, Graig, Brock & Ava this week!!  They traveled with their tree to NYC!
We can't wait to be with them in NYC at then end of the month for the lighting!

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