Saturday, December 5

Go Hawks & new BiKES!

Today we got all dressed up for our Iowa Hawkeyes!
They played in the Big 10 championship tonight!
Right now they are tied in the 3rd-hoping they WIN!!
This afternoon we volunteered at Mission Waco toy store. Local churches donate toys and parents can shop at greatly reduced prices (normally 80% off). Parents get to pick out specific gifts that they know their kids will like!
This year we worked in the school supply and bike area!
We got to help parents to their cars with bags full of wrapped presents and in some cases a bike!

Ains did great helping and having fun!
Never a dull moment!

After 3 hours our supply was running low. Many of the parents I talked to were in line at 5 am just to make sure they could provide a special Christmas for their kids!
It was a fun day helping love on the Waco community with these two!

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