Monday, September 28

Flight to IL & Clinton fun

Saturday morning Ryan dropped us off at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. 
My travel buddy!!
Ainsley packed plastic fruit...I thought she put her princesses in her little suitcase, but I was way off!
We ate lunch at 10 am because we had to start boarding at 11:15 am.
Ainsley the photographer!
Ainsley's speech teacher made her this special book to practice her "th" words this week.
We got on the plane and were taxing to the runway and the ground crew noticed hydrolic fluid dripping from the back to the gate. We switched gates, got a new plane and took off around 2:30 pm.
Ains was a trooper through it all!
We were SO hungry when we landed so we went to The Pasta House! We always ate here with mom, my aunt and grandma so it was a special dinner!
We hopped in our rental and drove to IL and got to L and Ls house around 8 pm. Ains was SO excited to see them!!
Sunday we went to the Apple and Pork festival!
First we met Tim and Jenny and Della for breakfast!
Ainsley hugged Della many times yesterday!!
Ains loved this!
Festival time! I got an unexpected ride on this when A got stuck half way up the slide!
Face painting!
Pony ride!
A new set of wings!!
Linda and Della! The girls love their Grammie!
Dinner before driving to my dad's house!
A quick stop at the pond to make some wishes! Thanks L and L for a fun visit to Clinton!!

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