Thursday, January 1

Less in 2015

Every year I make resolutions to do MORE...more exercise, more healthy eating, more organizing, more involvement, etc...and each year after a few weeks I normally fall off of the healthy eating wagon, get over committed, etc.  
While I have been doing some organizing projects this week (Ainsley's playroom was one of those projects--this is the after), I wanted 2015 to be different in the way of resolutions.  I was hoping to find inspiration for one word that could be a hope for this year and I stumbled upon a picture/scripture that was perfect and I landed on my word for 2015...LESS!  My hope for 2015 is less stress, less worry, less pressure, less commitments, etc.  Sometimes I put too much pressure to have 7+ resolutions (not kidding) and I end up stressing myself out!  So this year--hopefully LESS will lead to MORE time with my family, MORE joy in the simple gifts of life, finding MORE ways to spend my time helping others, MORE energy and health from not sweating the small stuff and MORE grace to handle the bumps of life.  I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store!
On New Years Eve we took Ainsley to see Annie!  It was so funny and sweet!  I would highly recommend it!  After seeing this, Ainsley has asked for bunk beds at least 10 times!!
We went to a friend's house to watch Baylor play in the bowl game so I was working on some deserts and I saw little miss being sneaky trying to eat some chocolates!  This girl loves sweets!
A quick family picture before heading over for the bowl game watch party!
It is really hard to get a "normal" picture any more with our high energy girl, so our new norm is crazy family pictures!
We all had fun at the bowl game party (minus the Bears loss..).  I went to check on Ainsley and Eli several times and one time I caught them playing a game of jump off of the table onto bean bags!  Thankfully there was lots of fun today and no broken bones!
Happy 2015!  

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