Thursday, November 6

Surgery part 2

Ains was under a total of 2 hours-they updated us at 1:30 pm and then let us see her at 2:15 pm. Surgery went great! The hearing test showed a greater loss, so we are going to have her hearing aids reprogrammed and then meet with her doctors in early December to talk about next steps.
When we saw her she was super sleepy. Her nurse was excellent! She helped us wake A up and slowly introduced a grape popsicle, apple juice and applesauce.
She said 2 daddies...she is seeing double initially and that went away before we went home.
They ordered her a strong pain med so they gave her a dose before we left to see how she would react and she did great!!

I couldn't be prouder of how strong she was today! By 3:45 pm we were back on the road heading home! So thankful for a smooth surgery day!

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