Thursday, September 4

Language & Articulation Preschool!

Ainsley started her second pre-k this week at Baylor University!  We have to get up early to get a BIG breakfast so she is ready to learn!

Ainsley was signing "name" here.  She practiced "it's nice to meet you" and "what's your name" since she would be meeting new friends!

Day 1--I prayed for a sweet, kind, warm Graduate Assistant and her GA--Miss Emily is wonderful!!  A perfect match!

Big girl on campus!

Today was show and tell--so Ainsley chose to bring her 5 foot snake in her little backpack!  It fit!  She was SO excited to show her teachers and new friends!

Ainsley gets a treat on the car ride to her other school--she picked out mini fruit by the foot!  It was a huge hit!  We arrived at Piper just in time for lunch and nap!  We were greeted at the door today by Miss Donna--a sweet, sweet lady who Ainlsey loves.  Miss Donna signs so she's been signing to Ainsley recently.  Makes my momma heart happy that Ainsley is surrounded by so many loving and caring teachers!

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