Friday, July 4

Austin & July 4th!

Started the day with a new haircut! With this Texas heat I've got to keep it short!
Lunch with my sweet girl! She is so loving these days-we are soaking it all up! 
Tonight we had a picnic with some new friends. The mom who hosted us was so thoughtful-she had sunglasses, balloons and bubbles for Ainsley!  Ains let the red balloon go and watched it float away!
Firework time! Fireworks started at 10 pm and little miss was still going strong!
We watched them from a parking lot on campus!  A fun 4th!
On the 3rd Ains had an appointment in Temple, TX in the afternoon so we decided to go to Austin for Costco and dinner! Austin was only 1 hour from the children's hospital we were at so it was perfect timing!
Ains ate most of my pulled pork dinner! She loves BBQ as much as her daddy!
Ribs-oh my!
On the way home she ate not one, but two mini bags of chips! She then put them on her feet and had a "puppet show"! It was a bit of a drive back from Austin Thursday evening so thankfully she kept herself entertained!

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