Friday, July 18

Ainsley: "I need a job"

We are finally feeling a bit settled in our new home!  Ryan's parents left yesterday--they were such a BIG help!  We couldn't have survived the last week without them!  Thanks Larry & Linda!! 
Ains is excited that she has her own playroom now and we are excited our living room isn't overrun with toys anymore!
We took a walk last night and Ainsley was looking sad.  We said, "what's up"? And she said, "I don't have a job", "I DON'T have a JOB".  She was so upset!  We tried to tell her that having fun and being a kid was her JOB!   But she just kept saying sadly "I don't have a job"!   I guess she's heard my many conversations with Ryan these days!  Well thankfully I DO have a full time job now!  I'm thankful to have been in a temp role at Baylor since the end of June working on a student success initiative.  
On July 28th I'll start my new role at Baylor as the Assistant Director of Employer Relations.  I am SO excited for this new opportunity to help students find their "success beyond Baylor"!  And this is the first of many new green dress clothes for my new job!  Let the shopping for green clothes & accessories begin!

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Angie said...

Congratulations on the new job! Oh, and I read one of your later posts and I agree, you're a wonderful mom. Take care!