Monday, May 5


It has been fun having my sister, dad and Vicki visit before we leave for TX! Ains likes playing dominoes with my dad.
And airplane with Angie!
Saturday Angie and I met our 1st cousins for the first time in 30+ years! We didn't order food for 30 min because we were chatting so much! It was fun to connect with them!
Sunday we went to the Amana Colonies for lunch-lucky us there was a BIG festival happening that day!

Craft shopping!
We didn't buy this (thankfully)!
Ains, Angie, Dad & Vicki.
Curious George snuck in the picture too!
Off to lunch!
Ainsley ate her weight in homemade mashed potatoes!
Time for face paint!
We did a tour of the Amanas as a part of the festival-lots of samples!
Ainsley and I took a horse ride!
She thought it was a parade just for her!
At the end of the ride she said, "I'm Cinderella and he's taking me to my castle"! Love it!
More samples! It was a beautiful day!
Love her!

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