Tuesday, May 9

Unexpected wake up call

This morning Ryan woke up at 3 am vomiting from abdominal pain. I woke up Ains and we took him to the ER. It turned out to be a kidney stone and gallstones! He got great care at the ER- we left there at 6:30 am just enough time to get home and get A to school. I took Ryan to an afternoon surgeon apt. She has Ryan scheduled for surgery when we are at Mayo. She said he cannot fly with an active stone so we are praying it passes soon. He meets with the gallstone surgeon on Wednesday afternoon-never a dull moment in life these days! What an exhausting and painful day for Ryan! Here's some happier news!
Ains loved Dancing with the Stars! She was so excited on Monday to watch and dance along!
Sweet balloon from Ains!

Ainsley got to learn about Compassion at church on Sunday! They took the kids through an activity that helped them to understand how other children around the world live. We love the good work that Compassion does and have several sponsor kids through Compassion that I hope to visit one day with Ainsley in Haiti!
My little helper! Flipping eggs!
Painting fun!
Ains doing her homework! I bought her this 1st grade work book for summer....she's almost done with it. She loves it and is reading directions and loving it. She asks every night to do "homework" before bed. Love it!

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