Friday, December 29

Visit to IL-part II

Next up a visit to the Cohenour’s!

Cousin time!!! 

These two! Like two peas in a pod!! 


Ainsley helped Linda and I watch the girls while the guys went to see a movie!

Linda and Cora! These girls love their Grammie!

Game night! Ticket to Ride!

Back in the car and headed home to TX! We are going to miss family, but we are ready for warm weather!!

I found a few more pics! We stayed with Tim and Jenny in their new home. It is a perfect fit for them and only 2 miles from Ryan’s parents! 

Ainsley and Cora!

Ains and I got some hot chocolate for the drive!! 

She also got a car treat! We are de-sugaring in 2018!

We stopped off at Target in Missouri and A picked out a new book. She LOVES reading! 

Thursday, December 28

Visit to IL-part I

We started our IL trip with a trip to my dads house! 

Ainsley woke up to snow on her first day!

She was thrilled!!

Vicki and dad at our favorite pizza place!

Ainsley playing with Vicki’s kitty!

So cold!! Ice on our back up cameras!


Our Little Rock Star!!

Santa stopped by!! 

We had a great visit! Thanks dad and Vicki!

Wednesday, December 27

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! So much to be thankful for this Christmas! We were able to join Ainsley’s class for their class party Thursday! So fun!

I have never seen so much frosting :)!

Thankful for the birth of Jesus and this little miss!

This Christmas we are celebrating in Illinois with family!

We drove to IL so we spent one night in a hotel along the way!

Up early on Friday to get back on the road!

A tree fell down on the interstate in Arkansas!


A new favorite car snack! We would stop for iced tea and fruit along the way!

Ains does great in the car! She keeps busy with her tablet, drawing and reading!

We stopped at her favorite, Bass Pro Shop. Not kidding-she loves it!

Ains took our picture-a little blurry :)!

Ains and Ryan rode the elevator ride!

We got to see Santa!

Our last stop before getting into my dad’s house late Friday night!