Friday, October 20

Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Ainsley’s 7th birthday party at our local Children’s Museum!

Getting ready!

Ainsley invited all of the girls in her class!

Sweet friends!


Making lava lamps!

Bubble fun!

The birthday girls had a great time!

A fun day!

Wednesday, October 18

Iowa Bound!

We are Iowa bound at the end of the month. A recent PT eval showed that Ainsley was 45-50 months behind on her gross motor development. 

Her local PT recommend we get her re-evaluated by someone who knows her well so we can do a comparison since the gap between her peers is significantly widening.

Her TX neuro doctor in Houston could see her in mid-January but not before even despite my best I reached out to her former PT at Iowa.

She consulted with her neuromuscular doctor at Iowa (who normally has a long waiting list) and they could see Ainsley on October 31! God totally provided!

Ainsley has her ear drum repair surgery that same week in Dallas, so it will be a bit crazy! We will do a hearing re-evaluation while we are in town.

But we have a plan to make it work.

Ainsley has been getting stuck in the bathroom at school sometimes due to the locks, so we are also going to have her evaluated by occupational therapy as well while we are in Iowa since this is a new concern.

Our hearts feel lighter knowing we are going back to a place we trust completely to seek answers. Ainsley is thrilled to be going back to Iowa! Now we need to find some of our Iowa friends to trick or treat with ;)!

Saturday, October 7

Catching up

Oh boy and I behind on blogging!!! Here’s some pics from September! Ainsley ready for church!!  We’ve been having fun teaching Sunday school!

On the way to grocery shop!

Ainsley had strep 2-3 weeks ago :(. She put on this mask so she wouldn’t get us sick-she used it for 5 minutes;)!

Off to the quick care-they took great care of Ainsley! She missed 2 days of school due to her fever, but she is thankfully back to her spunky self!

In late September we went to our local pumpkin patch in Texas! It was fun, but HOT!

Snow cone time to cook off!

Birthday party for one of Ainsley’s sweet friends!!

Such a sweet family and birthday girl!! 

Ainsley got over 100 on her bowling score ;)!

Oops these are out of order! More pumpkin patch pictures!

Picking out Halloween costume at Target!!

Working on birthday party invites to the girls in her class!!

Ainsley reading an email from my dad!

Family reading night at Ainsley’s school!!

It was a fun night!

Saturday, September 16

Family Fun

My dad sent Ains a Halloween package (thanks dad!), Ainsley wanted to wear her new skirt the next day!

Ainsley's picture day outfit-her choice ;)!

Mom and Ains mani/pedi time!

Silly girl!


I don't know what Ains was doing here :)!

Fun exploring downtown Waco!!

New lunch place! It was great!

Ainsley LOVES Magnolia! She talked us into it!

Cotton Candy snow cone!

We went to the library to get some chapter books for Ainsley! Her elementary school had their art work displayed there! She was so excited to show us her work!

Ainsley did some fun artwork at the library!! All in all a fun weekend!