Monday, May 16

Palm Tree

Ains helped me find a new pair of flip flops for summer! She is growing up so fast!!

After church and lunch on Sunday we focused on our front yard!

Our yard had taken on a life of its own (including snakes) since we've been so busy with life lately!

We spent a lot of time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon--pulling weeds and getting the front yard back in shape!

We've always wanted a palm tree and we found a great deal on one, so we went for it!

Ainsley giggled most of the way home--when Ryan would make turns the palm tree would roll over by Ainsley in the car :)!

Before--we still have this side of the yard to finish :)!



Ains was such a great help!

Ainsley kept saying to me "let's do this"--SO encouraging :)! 

Getting ready to give this tree a new home!

Done!  Ainsley added the flower petals to the sidewalk for extra beauty :)!

It was a ton of hard work, but so thankful we took some time and invested in this project!

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