Sunday, April 10

Mammoths, book signing & a parade

Saturday was a fun day-we learned a lot at the Mammoth tour!! 

A met a new sweet friend!

Time to dig!!
The instructor gave the girls the same dig square because at this point they were BFFs :)!
Working together!

They found a jaw bone!

Time for a book signing! A dad of Ainsley's former classmate wrote a book about Waco and had a book signing/presentation at the Dr Pepper museum!
The book is amazing-we learned a lot about Waco history!!

Eric-the author and his wife-Amy are two of the sweetest people we know! Such a kind family!

We had to stop by the soda fountain shop and get a Dr Pepper-it was happy hour!! 84 cent homemade Dr Peppers! 
We ended the day at a playground!

Ainsley was pretending she was in the Disney parade!

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