Friday, January 1

Beach Wrap Up!

Today was our final day at the beach! We started the day with some exercise! Ang and Ryan ran 3 miles together and I had fun walking! It was beautiful!
Ainsley is a little beach girl. She slept from 10:15 pm until 9 am!!! As soon as she woke up she wanted to go right to the ocean! Thankfully our hotel is right on the beach!

These two have had fun!!
Dad and Vicki!
We had a great lunch on the water!

Ains said today she liked Florida more than Iowa...I think this is temporary. She loves her Iowa but has fallen head over heels for the ocean!
My sister brought a selfie stick-we have given her a very hard time about this! Every time she pulls it out we all have to laugh!
Thankful for this guy! Traveling with 7 people plans change ALL the time-thankfully he understands this aspect of family travel ;)!
Hot rod! This girl has a need for speed!
Ains has been having fun with her cousin Brock! He just wrapped up his first semester in college!!
After a fun day out we wrapped up at the beach!
Ains loved chasing the sea gulls!
We ended the night with a birthday party for Angie-happy 40th Angie!!!

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