Wednesday, November 18


This Sunday Ains was excited to wear her new church dress!
Monday morning I volunteered at a Compassion event on campus. The chapel speaker was a former Compassion child and talked about his sponsor who was 15 at the time she started sponsoring him. His impact for Compassion and children across the world is incredible-he encouraged our students to walk along side a child and sponsor them. We passed out packets for our students to pray for specific kids during the event and one young woman came to me after the event and said she wanted to sponsor the little boy that she had received during the prayer time. With tears in her eyes she explained they had the same birthday. And with tears now in my eyes I told her that it was meant to be. It was so encouraging to me to see so many college students making the commitment to sponsor a child and provide hope.
Monday afternoon we went to the doctor to have Ainsley's hoarseness evaluated. Her speech teachers mentioned before our Houston trip that Ains had had consistent hoarseness and needed to be evaluated for nodules. We have her scheduled for an ultrasound next Wednesday.  When I told Ains about the hoarseness she said "neigh, neigh"-thankfully she takes all of this in stride.
Happy girl!

Ains got new gloves and a hat!

It was 70 by this afternoon but at least she got to wear them a bit!

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