Friday, October 9

Dear 5 year old Ainsley,

I remember the day you were born just like it was yesterday! We arrived at the hospital for an induction at 5:45 am on Thursday, October 7th and you were born at 12:37 am on October 9. You were in no rush. I lost half of my blood volume during birth and we couldn't spend the first 12 hours of your life together because I was so sick. By the grace of God we both survived and after I got well we were inseparable! 
Your dad and I keep saying we can't believe you are 5!! The past 5 years have flown by! Here's a glimpse of your life now...
You love to help me cook and you love "the cooking show" aka The Pioneer Woman.
You are SO opinionated! You like to pick out your own outfits! Yesterday you wore your black heels and at the end of the day you couldn't walk. You said "momma that was a bad choice"! You learned your lesson on comfy shoes!
Your favorite color right now is rainbow. Earlier this year it was purple, but now you like all of the colors! You picked out rainbow cupcakes for your school party!
You are SO curious! Your speech teacher told me this week that you not only want to learn how to say the words but you also want to know what they mean. You ask us 100+ questions a day!
You love to make everyone laugh! We can make you laugh pretty easily! For some reason if we say "party pooper" in an English accent you just lose it! You giggle so hard!
You make new friends everywhere we go! You are a people person! You love to introduce yourself to new people. We were at Newk's the other night and you said "we don't know them" about a group of four people sitting next to us. You waited until they stopped talking and then jumped right in to meet them! You make people happy-last night you told the waitress that you liked her hair and then you beamed with pride because she smiled and was so happy about your compliment.
We often say you beat to your own drum and we love that about you! You have a very strong personality! If you don't want to do something you don't hold back in telling us how you feel. The teenage years should be fun :)!
You are beyond adventurous!
You don't like to miss anything-so you normally fight bedtime. You are normally asleep around 8:30 pm and wake up at 6:30 am.
You love gymnastics!!
You like to help with chores around the house.
And your kitty-Sugar. You're getting better at holding her. You too love one another!
You are a trooper and a strong, strong girl!
Your personality is larger than life!
I am proud to be your momma!
Your daddy loves you with all he has!
You are a gift from the Lord. We are looking forward to seeing how you will grow and learn this year! Love you sweet girl! Momma

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