Wednesday, July 1

Tour Guide Questions

Yesterday I took Ainsley to Temple, TX to meet with her endocrinologist for her check-up--she is freezing the parking lot here if you are wondering what she's up to.  Her thyroid numbers are finally stable after many dose changes over the past 3 months.  We are actually at her original dose that we started at 3 months ago--he didn't have a lot of answers on I'm SO thankful Ainsley's former endo doctor can see us when we travel back to Iowa at the end of July!  We may just have to make 1-2 trips per year to see her doctors at Iowa...just kidding!  But, not kidding all at the same time :)!  We have such a huge sense of relief to be going back to Iowa for answers on thyroid and hearing...anyhoo, on to a funny story!

Last week Ains went with her class on a field trip to Baylor University.  The kids each came up with questions for the tour guide.  They posted these for the parents to see.  Yesterday I read them all--here are a few... 

One of Ainsley's classmates asked if the tour guides knew his family member that worked at Baylor...

Another child asked how old are Lady and Joy and how big is Lady and Joy's habitat...Baylor's mascot is the bear and the campus has a bear habitat in the center of campus with two bears!

Another child wanted to ask if the buildings are different at night or in the day.

I bet you are wondering what Ainsley asked...her question was, "Have you ever seen a girl with a Kleenex and a big goo-goo face?  Write down I love Baylor.  I want to know all about Baylor and I wish I could tell them I love Baylor."  
Should we submit her application already for the fall 2028 class?  Ains had a bad cold last week so maybe she wanted to connect with other girls who may have Kleenex?!?!

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