Tuesday, May 5

4.5 year old favorites

Little miss is growing up SO fast!  I recently asked her about some of her favorite things so I can remember this sweet age!

Favorite meal:  "salad, because the ranch is nice."

Color:  purple
Friends:  Sophia, Claire, Lucy & Beth
If you could do anything you want in the next 30 minutes what would you do:  "Put on my shoes"......

If you could travel anywhere where would you go:  Epcot!
Favorite princess:  Aurora
When you grow up what do you want to do for work:  "A doctor...I mean I want to be an astronaut"!

Favorite show:  Bo on the Go
Drink:  "Hmm....Dr. Pepper" (which she has only had a couple of sips of)!
Chore at school:  Prayer at rest time
Next year chore hope:  "love on people"

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