Saturday, December 20

On the road-day 1!

We are excited to visit family this Christmas! Last night Ryan was able to put some good movies for A on the iPad!
I am SO thankful Ryan negotiated navigation in our new jeep. It has helped us to have a clear path to IL!!
Bathroom break in TX-Ains tried to ride the deer!
Coloring fun!

Lunch time!
Ains loves BBQ!
We stopped in Little Rock at the Clinton Presidential Library! It was beautiful! 
Ains was NOT too thrilled! We arrived around 2pm and she hadn't taken her nap...
Nope, not smiling!
What's that? Santa is visiting the Clinton Presidential Library today?? And he is giving out cookies?!?!!!

She suddenly got her second wind!
This Santa was so kind!!

And the cookies!! Amazing!
Back to driving-we are trying to do 3 states today!
We hit our goal Missouri!!! After 12 hours in the car we had hit our limit so we stopped for dinner and the night!
Ainsley's first time at Lamberts!! She caught this roll and loved it!!!
We were right by the live piano player!
She met a good dance partner!  Thankful for a safe and fun day of travel!!

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