Tuesday, December 16

Mid-week re-cap!

Ainsley is growing up right before our eyes...I feel like just yesterday she was a toddler! She reminds me all the time that she is a "big girl". 
We've been having lots of Christmas fun!
When I picked up Ains from children's church on Sunday she was wearing this! Her teachers said she wore the googles the whole time! Tonight at dinner she said kids were making fun of her by calling her snake at church. I showed her this picture and she laughed and laughed-she remembered the goggles but didn't know she had a snake card on them!
After church we went to a small town cafe for lunch and a sweet older lady stopped by our table and asked if Ainsley had received one of her yarn dolls. I politely told her "no, not yet"...but in my head I thought I've never met you so we don't have any of your dolls :). A few minutes later she came back with this sweet doll for Ainsley! It was so kind of her and Ains loved it! Texas hospitality at its finest!

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