Thursday, November 6

Surgery part 1

Ains normally eats first thing in the morning and since she couldn't eat this morning I told her she could open a gift!
She was such a trooper, didn't complain about being hungry once! She reminded me the doctors didn't want her to eat.
Supplies ready! Her Grammie let her pick out a new cuddle toy for surgery and Ainsley chose a pink snake! One of the docs commented that they don't see those in the OR very often!
A few pics before we hit the road!

Ains chose Dumbo as her car movie in the 45 minute drive to the hospital!
We got checked in and took a quick lap around the garden.
Elevator ride!
Off to her room!
All changed and ready!
They had these scooters and Ainsley loved them!!!

The staff encouraged us to race!
Grammie got in on the action.
And Ryan!

They asked if we wanted Ains to have relaxing meds and to go back to the OR on a gurney...or race the nurse.  We chose the race and Ains loved it!
The nurse got ahead of her when A tool a wrong turn :).
Off to the OR, she never looked back. She was so happy racing! The surgeon came out at 12:15 pm and said all looked great! She is now in her sedated hearing test which could take 1-2 hours and the 1-2 hours recovery.

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