Sunday, September 14

Weekend Fun!

Our little miss is growing up so fast-everyone has told me age 4 is a fun age and we are definitely seeing that! Ains is so kind and funny-she keeps us laughing!
This past week was a busy for me at work with a career fair and several employers to host on campus so A and Ryan had some fun times!
As soon as I got home on Thursday night Ainsley wanted to do some cheerleading! 

Saturday we tackled our front yard!
We were just going to pull some weeds for 1 hour and that turned into 7 hours! 
We had a little helper...

Our yard was a hot mess, but looks a lot better! We got 14 large bags of old mulch and weeds out if the flower beds. 

We did a little fall decorating since it was chilly-70s :)!

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