Monday, August 4

Birthday & Newts

Sunday I turned 36!! Saturday Ryan made an appointment for me to get a mani/pedi at a local spa and then Ry and Ains took me to lunch!
We then went to look at SUVs...after 30 minutes we just decided to get our accord detailed and keep driving it :)!
Ains got a new balloon. She loved it so much she slept with it!
Church on Sunday morning!
Ains has a little sass in her at times but has such a kind and loving heart too!
She won't kiss me if I have lipstick on, so she kisses my head instead.
Trip to DQ for my birthday! Ains is saying "it's your birthday"!

Ains doesn't talk once the ice cream arrives she is all business!
Down to the last drop!
New bows! Thanks Aunt Angie!!

Tonight I went to close the front blinds and I saw a newt on the floor and screamed! Ryan thankfully guided him outside!
We were all freaked out by the small harmless newt!
Ainsley congratulating her daddy!

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Angie said...

cute! I'm glad you had a good birthday and yes Ainsley is full of sass!!!