Thursday, July 10


Two selfies to document a crazy day!  Ryan started seeing dots in one eye a couple of days ago and last night he lost a good deal of vision in that eye (almost half). He went to quick care around 8:30 pm and they thought it was a torn retina but wanted him to see a specialist so they made him an apt for 8 am today. We had movers scheduled for 9 am so I took over coordinating the move (not my greatest strength)... not knowing that he was going to have surgery! 

Ryan called a few hours later and said he was driving himself to Austin for surgery! He thankfully hadn't eaten this morning so they said if he could get to Austin they'd work him in. He went completely under but woke up mid way through the procedure so they gave him more meds. He posted a selfie on Facebook and then texted me and a ton of people this picture...he also typed to me "Npfevç"! He was super sedated-oh my! 
Meanwhile this is the only picture of the move day-me carrying Ryan's golf bag.  It took the movers 7 hours....even with me "helping"....Thankfully Ains and I were able to finally make it to Austin around 5:30 to get Ry and bring him home. He's been asleep ever since-he did wake up a few minutes ago and took some pain medicine. He said it feels like someone punched him in the eye :(.  We go back to Austin tomorrow morning for a check up so hopefully he'll be feeling better then.  We are both ready for a less crazy summer!!!

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Angie said...

I hope everything turns out okay for Ryan. I've had more eye surgeries than I can count (or remember) so feel free to contact me if you need any advice.