Thursday, July 10

New home-getting moved in!

Tuesday night we did our final walk through before we closed Wednesday morning! Ains took one quick picture with us and then was ready to move on!

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early packing up the last few items! We've been living in an apartment on campus this summer.
I took Ains to school before our 9 am closing meeting her face was the same as everyone else who saw my car. I think people thought I was a hoarder! My car is normally super clean and empty but I wanted to get a few things set up at the house Wednesday before the movers arrived Thursday! 
We stopped off for a quick breakfast-how crazy is this pancake! This was one "side order"-it is Texas sized! (Healthy eating begins next week :)!
Wednesday afternoon I cleaned the house (it was already spotless-the buyers were amazing), set up the bathrooms and had the carpets cleaned.  Master bath...
Guest bath
My closet-I love these built ins and Ryan has the same closet on the other side of the master. 
Ainsley's playroom-I put up a few decorations!
Ainsley's bathroom!
Kitchen-everything is cleaned out and ready for dishes and decorations!

I did put away our new ball jars-ready for iced tea!  I'll keep posting updates as we get more settled!

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