Friday, June 13

Tea, Storms & Steak Oh My!

Thursday I picked up A a little early from school and we went to the museum!
We had some tea!
And...did a little driving!
Oh goodness did we have storms last night! I HATE storms, I'm thankful we didn't have a tornado even though some were close!
Tonight Ryan and I went out for dinner. We made reservations at a super fancy place and then canceled those and went to Logan's. I'm thankful we both agree that we are simple people! A good tea and Logan's steak is just fine with us!
We did a little table shopping! I think we found one we can both agree on :)! It is a white farm house table-I love it! A quick trip to Sonic before heading home to our sweet girl!
Ains gave Ryan his Father's Day gift tonight! She made it at school!

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