Tuesday, June 17

Ainsley quotes

Ains is saying the funniest things these days. She wants to know everyone's name and sometimes last names too. At the doctor last week she was talking to a nurse asked her first and then last name. The nurse said she's never met more inquisitive 3 year old (I think inquisitive was a nice way to say nosey :)!  She met another lady in the waiting room today at the ENT-she learned her last name is "Rose" and she promptly told her "mommy's mom is Rose". 
Ainsley told our 30 year old waitress this weekend that she looked just like her Grammie! I had to explain that her hair looked just like Grammie! That was a compliment for her Grammie Linda!
This morning at school I looked through the window and said looks like you're having yougert for breakfast and Ainsley (who was hoping for hasbrowns) sighed and said "oh bum"...meaning bummer :).
She's a keeper!

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