Sunday, March 9

Weekend fun

This Saturday we spent most of the day organizing/cleaning the basement! 

Ryan is going to finish our basement this month, so we needed to spend some time organizing! 

Ainsley was a big help!

After cleaning and organizing for 7 hours we didn't want to cook, so we went out to dinner!

There was a 30 minute wait at Red Lobster, so Ains got creative and in between checking on the lobsters in the tank she pulled on Ryan's sweatshirt strings.  She thought it was the best thing ever!

After watching the waitresses, she decided she wanted to give that a try so her plate became a tray!

We had some good quality time with our little miss this weekend, she keeps us laughing!

We go in tomorrow morning for the blood draw--so tonight we are prepping thank you cards for her doctors!

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