Thursday, February 13

Valentine's Day

This year Ainsley wanted Minnie Valentines for her friends and M & Ms and chocolate hearts! We got all of the goodies ready for her daycare and pre-school class. We got some special chocolates for her teacher and bus drivers!
Speaking of the bus, little miss got another respect ticket so she got sprite with dinner the other night-she was thrilled!

Ryan has been at a conference the past few days so Ains and I have been having some fun after work each night! Last night I made her favorite soup and biscuits and we watched a movie! Ryan flew in late last night-we are both glad to have him home!
Today is my dad's birthday! Hope you have a GREAT day dad!!
Ains on the way to school this morning-most of the time she takes her socks off and wants to make her pants shorts!
Love this girl!
I picked up my little Valentine after school and we went out for dinner!

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