Thursday, February 6

Mayo journey-day 1

Road trip time! We worked this morning, picked Ains up a little after noon, went home and packed and then hit the road! We ordered a quick lunch at Steak n Shake and in the rush of ordering Ryan forgot to ask for a kids size shake for Ainsley so she got a big one--she was thrilled!
The timing worked out perfect--Ainsley slept for a good amount of the drive.
We were thankful we didn't have any snowy roads during the four hour journey!
Within minutes of checking into the hotel--we headed to the pool.  Ainsley was thrilled with her new swimming suit!
Pool time!

We are thankful we made it to Rochester safely.  We start Ainsley's appointments at 8:45 am tomorrow.  We are hoping and praying that the doctors will take a good amount of time evaluating Ainsley and hopefully providing some answers for us.  

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