Sunday, January 5

Disney Day 2

Mickey left the girls notes this morning!! My sister had this idea and I love it (so did they)!
This morning we headed to Magic Kingdom!
Ava and Angie!
Ryan and me!
I wanted to capture Ainsley's face when she saw the castle! She was in awe!
Then a little overwhelmed by all of the people...
And then completely overwhelmed! She thankfully warmed up after a few minutes!
We also let her have some time to jump in the puddles and relax!
We had a quick snack!
We went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap and swimming!
After nap we took the girls to the Princess boutique! Here is a before...
And the transformation!
Complete with blue nails!

And make-up!

She kept looking in this mirror saying, "I AM a princess"! Totally worth it!

Ava had fun too!!

We jumped on the bus and headed to dinner with Cinderella!

This was A's favorite part of the day! She never took her eyes off of Cinderella! 

She gave her a kiss-Cinderella was SO sweet with Ainsley!
Ava and a step sister-she was SO funny!
She was too!
Ainsley and Ava liked the step mother!
 After dinner it was 9 pm and we headed back to the park! Ryan and Ava rode rides and Ains, Angie and I rode a few too! Ainsley loved to go FAST in the tea cups!
We ended the night with a dance part (also Ainsley's favorite part of the day)! A great first day at Magic Kingdom!

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Bob Allison said...

Looks like everyone is having a good time. I love all the pictures-keep them coming. Looks like little Miss Ainsley is a real Princess!