Saturday, January 4

Disney Day 1

We left the house around 8 am and headed to the airport!
The check in line was long..they ended up holding the plane for 45 min to make sure everyone got on board (which we appreciated)!
Once we were on board a passenger slipped, fell and injured her head. She wanted to fly so they call the med staff who said she had to deplane due to the bleeding. We were front and center since they were right across the aisle from us. Thankfully she was ok and got off to get medical help.
We finally started to taxi to the runway and an engine light came on so we headed back to the gate! They had to call on a mechanic who was 45 minutes away so they had us all deplane. Poor Ains thought that is what it meant to ride a plane-she didn't know why Minnie wasn't there when we got off (at the same airport)-ha!
We had about and hour wait, grabbed some food, and were back on the plane around 12:30...a 3 hour delay, but we didn't mind we had lots of snacks and fun things for Ainsley to do!
Ready for take off after some de-icing!

I haven't flown in 7 years! I was terrified to say the least! I had to get a diet coke to celebrate the flight and Ains had some apple juice! We let her pick a drink from the beverage menu and she pointed to a 5 hour energy drink...we had to veto that!
Ains slept a total of 2 minutes today-literally! She was soaking in all of the fun! 

We landed and our car service driver took us right to the hotel!
Where we met two of my favorite people-my sister and niece Ava!
We had a quick dinner at the hotel and then took a boat to downtown Disney!
We had a great first day and are looking forward to a FUN week!

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