Saturday, December 21

Winter break Bucket List

We made a list of some fun things we want to do over Christmas and the past few days we've been checking off our list! Christmas lights! We go almost every other night-all three of us love it! This is by far our favorite!
Also on our list fun with friends and family! Friday night we got the chance to catch up with our sweet neighbors-Mark and Lisa. They got this gift for Ainsley and she LOVES it! It was fun to catch up with them!

One of my goals over break is to clean a little. I was going through Ainsley's summer clothes today in preparation for our Disney trip. Ainsley wanted to wear a dress and get in the suitcase :)!
Another item on our bucket list-to see Frozen! We all loved it-a great message and very fun!
Watched some hockey!

Another bucket list item is to catch up on sleep-no joke! 
Paint snow...Ainsley had a lot of fun with this one!

Here's to a fun winter break!

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