Monday, December 9


This morning we woke up bright and early at 5:15 am! Ainsley could have 2oz of apple juice and her medicine before 6 am-nothing to eat. She did great-didn't complain at all!

Then we got her dressed in comfy clothes!
Once we got to the hospital the sedation team put numbing cream in four places. After 30 minutes they took us back to get the IV started.

Ains did great with the IV. The nurses on the Peds sedation team are amazing-they worked quick to get the IV going. Then they started the sleepy meds! They gave Ainsley a new Christmas bear!
She loved it!

Getting sleepy!

She fought the sedation a bit so they gave her a good dose. We then gave kisses and she was on her way. The MRI of her lower spine took about 45 min.
They came to get us right after the test and we got to travel up to recovery with her.

They monitored her vitals every 15 minutes.
Her temp dropped to 96 at one point so they kept adding warm blankets which made Ains nice and cozy!
Love this!
We were so relieved that Ains did great-we are looking a little tired here! We need to catch up on sleep!
After an hour A woke up, had some apple juice and a cracker and then back to sleep!
She had to wake up for the doctor before they would release her which she was super happy about :)!
After two hours in recovery they let us take our sleepy girl home!

About 2pm she woke up and was ready for fun!
We gave her one of her Christmas presents early from my dad early! She loved it!!
Our little rocker did great today!!

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