Sunday, December 30

On the mend

I am feeling better every day!  My lungs are much better today.  I still get short of breath if I do too much, so I worked in short bursts today (literally 10-15 min)--a quick trip to the grocery store, changed Ainsley's bedding, a couple loads of laundry.  Ryan kept telling me to take it easy--I should have listened to him a little more :).  I'm resting again tonight and will rest again tomorrow before my Ainsley gets home!  I am looking forward to getting back to work on Wednesday and feeling 100% again!
Ryan and I went out to dinner tonight since my appetite is finally coming back.  We are SO excited that little miss will be home tomorrow so we can ring in 2013 as a family!  Ryan's parents have been a HUGE help--they are going to bring Ainsley all the way back home to us since Ryan has to work tomorrow and I'm still on the mend.  We know Ainsley has loved spending some quality time with her Grammie & Papa Larry this weekend.  From the stories we are hearing she has kept them on their toes and they have had lots of fun!
We used some of Ainsley's Christmas money from her Papa Bob to get a storage unit for all of Ainsley's toys.  We've been looking for something to keep everything organized and handy for Ainsley in our living room.  Thanks Dad!  And a big thanks to Ryan for putting this together--his face sums it up, this was not an easy task!
I didn't want to tackle the Christmas tree just yet, so I spent 10 minutes today and made it into a Valentine's Day tree.
Finished storage unit project!
Re-organized book nook.  Although Ryan and I didn't get all of our home projects tackled after Christmas like we had planned--we are thankful I am on the mend, our Ainsley is coming back to Iowa tomorrow and that we have a very supportive family! 

Saturday, December 29

Aunt, Uncle, & Great Grandmas!

On Christmas night we returned to Clinton, IL to celebrate with the Cohenours!
Ainsley got a princess sleeping bag from Uncle Tim  & Aunt Jenny.  Ainsley was SO  tired she immediately snuggled up to what she thought was a pillow.  It was actually a trash bag full of presents.  Ainsley kept readjusting because it wasn't too comfy.
A few minutes later she was fast asleep with Aunt Jenny.
The next morning we went to visit with the great grandmas.  Ainsley loved visiting with Grandma Della!
Ainsley and Ryan trying to pet grandma Della's kitties.  Ainsley kept holding out her had nicely trying to pet the kitty.  
Kisses & Hugs!
I love this picture because Ryan's grandpa (Virgil) picture is in the background.  
Next stop, Great Grandma Dorris.  Ainsley was greeted with milk and cookies!  Ryan and I might have had a cookie too :)!
Playing the piano!  Ainsley had the best time running from room to room! 
Love to grandma Dorris!  
Ainsley is still visiting at Grammie & Papa Larry's house.  I am so thankful that they are taking such good care of our sweet girl while I get better.  Thank you Larry & Linda!

Friday, December 28

Christmas fun--part II

We had a great time over Christmas with the Allison, Cohenour & Eichler Christmas celebration!
Every night we went to the lobby and they had a brief show and snow showers!  The song lyrics said "there's nothing to be scared of.." We had that stuck in our head for days!
A full size ginger bread house.  They used over 1400 pop tarts to make this--it smelled great! 
Ainsley loved to see everyone swimming in the water park!
Sister fun!
My sweet girl!
Ava & Ainsley watching the show!
Watching the show with her daddy!
Angie & Dad!
Two of my favorite people!
At the water park--ready for fun!

The Eichler family! 
Angie, Dad & Me

Me & Ryan

As soon as we were ready to open presents, Ains went and stood in front of the presents and closed her eyes. I thought the was trying to guess what was in the presents :).  Come to find out, she was playing hide and seek.  She has been doing this recently.  She closes her eyes and she thinks she has disappeared.  Too cute!

Family Vacation--part I

This picture sums up our holiday travels--we are all a little tired :), but had a great time visiting family!
Last Friday we traveled to IL to stay with Larry & Linda before we headed out to Ohio the next day.  Ainsley did great on the 4 hour drive!  By the time we stopped for dinner--she did NOT want to sit still.  She was running all over and giggling! 
Ainsley spent a lot of time visiting with this guy!  She loved hiding behind him and jumping out as people were coming into the restaurant.  Ryan said she scared a few people because they weren't expecting a little girl to greet them!
When we got to Grammie & Grandpa Cohenour's house Ainsley was ready for FUN!  She didn't go to sleep until 11 pm!
Trying out her new snow pants from Great Grandma Della!
Resting on her sheep rug!
Saturday morning my dad come over and we hit the road for Ohio!
Ainsley with her Papa Larry & Bob!
Ainsley enjoyed hanging out with Papa Bob on the drive!  He kept her well supplied with popcorn and suckers!  She loved it!  We made the 7+ hour journey (which took us 10 hours) to Ohio to meet my sister and her family at a lodge!
I've been wanting to read Gone Girl for a while.  One of Ainsley's sweet teachers let me borrow her copy.  Here I am in the car on the way to Ohio so excited that I had time to read :)!  I finished the book shortly after we arrived in Ohio.  It was well written, kept me wondering what was happening next and super CRAZY!  A great winter read.
My niece (Ava) and nephew (Brock)!  I was SO excited to see them on Saturday night! 
The kids and Ryan went swimming in the "therapy pool".  I kept telling them our resort hotel that we stayed at Sun-Tuesday would be much bigger :)!
Ainsley loved snuggling with her Aunt Angie & Cousin Ava!  I joked that Ava was the Ainsley whisperer!  Every night Ava held Ainsley and got her to go to sleep in a flash!  

Trying on daddy's shoes!

Lunch before we checked into the lodge on Sunday!

We are going to have to de-sugar Ainsley after this trip!

Ainsley in her Hawkeye tutu from Aunt Angie!  She loved this!!  I'll post more pictures later of our lodge stay and visit with our family in IL.  Ryan and I are back in Iowa and Ainsley is still with Grammie & Grandpa in IL.  I had a cold for much of the trip to Ohio/IL and kept taking dayquil to get by.  I went to a quick care in IL Wednesday evening and they said I had a viral bronchitis.  That night/Thursday morning I became very sick.  I knew I need to get home to my doctor.  Ryan took me back to Iowa on Thursday and I called to get an appointment with my doctor--they squeezed me in at 4 pm (thankfully).  When I got to the doctor I felt deathly ill, was freezing cold and had a temp of 102.9!  I am SO thankful that I went back to the doctor.  I was checked out by one doctor, who went to get another doctor to consult and he was the one who said he heard a rattle on the left side of my lungs...pneumonia!  He gave me a strong antibiotic.  I am finally on the mend.  I am still feeling very sick, weak, and coughing up a storm.  But, I am thankful my sweet girl is healthy and happy in IL while I recover.  I am going to take it easy and rest!  I started feeling better this morning and started to unpack from our trip.  15 minutes later I was coughing up a storm and felt horrible--so back on the couch I go.  I've got the West Wing on and will take it easy while my lungs heal!