Wednesday, December 30

Ears & Basketball

My ears have been hurting for the past couple of days, so I thought I would go to the doctor after work today--thank goodness I did, she said I had an ear infection and gave me some horse pill sized antibiotics! I don't enjoy taking pills, so to my horror, the pills she prescribed were HUGE! I cut the into 4 sections and got them down tonight--I'll faithfully take these horse pills to feel better!

Anyhoo--on to some fun news--Ryan and I went to a Iowa basketball game last night. The stadium is amazing--42 rows high and you walk in at ground level. We were in row 38, so we had a good view! One of Ryan's students is a cheerleader, so we got some great shots of them. They are so talented! Our basketball team did a great job of keeping up with Purdue (ranked 4th in the nation)!

We made it just in time for tip off!

Hereky our mascot sitting in the media section--I was hoping he would stop by our section!

These next pictures are for my precious niece, Ava! Look at the amazing cheerleaders--one day you can cheer for your college! Our new camera takes rapid shots, so here is the sequence of one of their stunts--amazing talent!!

Great job IOWA!

At the end of the game, they bring out the big Iowa flag! I love that part!

I keep telling my sister about my new craft nook--so these pictures are for you Angie! You should definitely buy some of these--look at all of the goodies they hold!

So many pieces!!

They were a bit of a challenge to put together--I was so impressed with myself, I put most of them together while I watched Fireproof (again)--if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it!

I then enlisted Ryan's help to finish the project!

Surprise, surprise

Guess what it is doing in Iowa today.....SNOWING! It is forever snowing here :)!

Tuesday, December 29

This and that....

Some random pictures from the past few days!

Ryan's sweet secretary got him a gift certificate to Red Lobster--so we went there last night!

Ryan--he loves Red Lobster!

Just starting a new book—the first few pages have been good, I'll let you know how it goes.

This Christmas, Ryan and I bought a camera as our gift to each other and we just got each other small gifts to open on Christmas—he bought me some flowers and this sweet card—I bought him basketball tickets!

The inside...

Before the Christmas eve service!

We made gingerbread men this weekend—we aren’t the best decorators, but they were good!

My new craft nook—I LOVE it! I have all of my craft supplies, gift wrapping stuff, greeting cards, and pictures!! I just bought two more cubes to add to the craft nook last night since they were all 50% off!!!

I took down our Christmas stuff and now it is in a BIG pile! I just need to take it to the basement now :).

Aren’t these berries cute? I found them on super sale at Michale’s!


Sunday, December 27

Sunday, Sunday

Today we went to early church and then I took my friend to the airport--she was off for a Scotland adventure--fun!

Then Ryan and I went to lunch and then I went to Michaels and found the greatest sale ever on this craft station storage--$15 each! The only downfall--it will need to be assembled, I will tackle that this afternoon--how hard can it be?!

I also have ham and beans cooking on the stove--that big ham is almost gone!

I got this cute shirt at Target yesterday--I love all of the ruffles this season!

We continue to get snow--here are some photos we took around town.


The snowy capitol....

Snowy travel...

Well, it is almost new I bought this dvd at Target yesterday for just $10.....hopefully it isn't too hard, Jillian can be a tough trainer on The Biggest Looser! I'll let you know how it goes :)!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 26

Our Merry Christmas

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! It was just the two of us for this Christmas since Ryan was on crisis duty for campus and the weather was bad, so my dad couldn't travel to be with us. We've had a pretty low-key Christmas, eating too much good food, enjoyed a great Christmas eve service at our church and caught up on some tv/movies! We enjoyed talking to our families via phone in the morning before the celebrated!

For desert this year, I made a chocolate and cookie n cream pie! I used skim milk to save a few calories--it was delish!

Ryan got me these beautiful tuplis for Christmas--I just love tuplis!

Me in my new sweater dress ready for our Christmas eve service!

After the Christmas eve service, we stopped by Olive Garden and had dinner! We couldn't believe it was open--we get stir crazy after too much time at home, so it was good to get out of the house!

Our Christmas meal--I brought over baby Jesus from the manager to be our guest at dinner!

What's for Christmas dinner? Only the largest ham ever! We got a 7 lb ham from the Amana Colonies--which was amazing, just a little LARGE! We will be eating ham for weeks!

Ryan taking the ham out of the oven--he was in charge of the ham and I did side dishes. He made a orange juice and brown sugar glaze (it was great)!

Ta-da! There is our Christmas ham--all 7 lbs of it!

Christmas night we ventured out in the snow to look at lights and grab a bite to eat--only the Chinese buffet or IHOP was open.....we chose IHOP! I took this picture with our new camera we bought as a Christmas gift for us. The snow was beautiful!

Our poor truck was iced in--we cleaned it off and hit the road :)!

Tuesday, December 22

New glasses

Ryan and I went to get new glasses today over the lunch hour--I like these because they are black, but the bottom is clear! The picture is a little blurry since I took it while we were in the truck driving (Ryan was driving)!

Sad news--my dad is not coming to visit for Christmas due to the weather :(. It will just be the two of us--oh winter weather!

Monday, December 21

This and that

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards--I like to display them because they are so pretty and thoughtful. I like to hang them up with ribbon which I attach to the back of a door or in this case a pantry and then clip them to the ribbon with a clothespin. We have cards everywhere--almost on every door of our tiny apartment!

After work we ran to dinner and then made a trip to Wal-Mart to get a new shower curtain!

My dad had planned to visit us for Christmas, so we had planned to deep clean the bathroom for company...but there is a BIG winter storm coming (the weather man called it "a mess" tonight), so he might not be able to make it--but we thought we would clean anyway incase dad gets to travel!!

More cleaning tonight--we did laundry and recycling!

Tonight I made some Christmas rice crispy treats--they were delish (as you can see we tested them!).

I used some of my Christmas money from my in-laws to buy this cute sweatshirt today--thanks Larry & Linda, I love it!

During this busy time of year---with the gifts to buy, cards to write, meals to make it is easy to forget.....I'm going to try to be very mindful of the reason for Christmas over these next few days!